May 17, 2016

Homemade Raspberry Pop Tarts

Hey everyone!

Since childhood I have been a huge lover of breakfast. One of my favorite treats as a kid was Pop Tarts. I didn't get them often, but when I did I was in heaven. Now that I'm an adult, and try to watch what I eat, I don't indulge in these sugary treats as much as I use to. *I'm sure my thighs thank me for this fact* One day I got a craving for a Pop Tart and it got me thinking, how hard would it be to make my own Pop Tarts? I found out it isn't all that hard! After doing some research I came up with my homemade Pop Tart plan, and can I say that the outcome was delicious!


Pre Made Pie Crust
Jam Of Your Choice (I used raspberry)
Powder Sugar

- Start with thawed pie crust (if it came frozen like mine. If you made your pie crust from scratch high five to you!) cut it into equal size rectangles. You can really make any shape that you want, but I didn't want to get too fancy my first time. You can gather all of the scraps and roll them out again to make more Pop Tarts. I got nine whole Pop Tarts out of two frozen pie crusts, so 18 rectangles.

- Once they are all cut out, place the bottom nine rectangles on a greased cookie sheet. Take your jam of choice and add 1T to the center of each rectangle. Spread it around evenly, but leave a finger width of space on each side. This is where the seal is going to be, and we need that space so the filling doesn't leak out while cooking. Once all the rectangles have filling, lightly brush the rim with water. Place the top rectangle on top and seal with a fork. While simply sealing with a fork will insure the filling stays in better, the water adds a little extra insurance.

- After all your Pop Tarts are assembled and sealed, place them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This will chill the filling and pie crust, insuring a flaky crust and a filling that stays put. Nobody wants to open up the oven and see that all the filling leaked out onto the cookie sheet!

- When the 30 minutes is up, pop the Pop Tarts into a 375 degree over for 25-30 minutes. I ended up checking at the 25 minute mark and wanted them a little more golden brown, so I let mine go for the full 30 minutes. While your Pop Tarts are cooking take your powder sugar and milk and mix up your frosting. I used about 1/3 cup of powdered sugar and 1T of milk combined. There really isn't a right or wrong measurements with making this icing. It just depends on how much you want for each Pop Tart and how thick you want it. The thicker you want, the less milk you'll use.

- Once the Pop Tarts are golden brown and smelling buttery and sweet pull them out of the oven to cool, the longer the better. I ended up letting mine sit for an hour before frosting for the pictures. Hot Pop Tarts are not your friend if you want your icing to set. After they are cooled, covered in icing, and ready to eat, try not to shovel them into your mouth. 

I knew they were going to be good, but hot damn! These knock the pants off of the store bought Pop Tarts any day! They do take a while to pull together, but I'm sure you could make them the night before. If you end up making these, let me know! What Pop Tart flavor was/is your favorite? Leave a comment down below and let me know. Mice was a tie between blueberry and strawberry!

XOXO, Rachele

May 3, 2016

Blogging Better: Blogging In Your Free Time

Hey everyone!

Today's post in the Blogging Better series is all about blogging in your free time. It seems like a simple idea, but I'm going to break down what I do to get the most out of my free time.

Before I get into what I do I want to ask this question, how much time do you waste on a daily basis? I'm not talking about the busy days where you run around like a chicken with it's head cut off, but the other days. The days you sleep in a little too long, watch a marathon on Netflix, or even go to the bar one too many times that week. Now, I'm not your mom, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't sleep in or watch tv, but when I added up all my 'wasted time' I was shocked! So what am I doing to make the most of my free time?

- Wake up earlier: I work from home and have pretty flexible hours, which means it isn't too uncommon for me to sleep in a little later than I should. How did I fix this? I simply starting waking up earlier and dedicated some of that time to blogging. Sometimes I write a post, take photos, or work on my rebranding. I find when I start my day working on my blog/goals, I'm more productive throughout the day. Do I do this everyday? No, but I think about how much more time I have now. Even doing this twice a week really adds up.

- Multitask: Michael and I are busy people, but we always make time to watch some of our favorite shows together. More offend than not you'll find me with my lap desk and note pad writing new blog posts. I don't do this all the time, but when inspiration hits, I go with it. Thankfully I have a boyfriend who understands how important my blog is to me.

- Make time: If you want to be a blogger, or anything else for that matter, you have to make time for it. I have big goals/dreams for my blog in the next few years, and I'll be working my ass of to get there. Sadly, blogging can be competitive (thats a whole other blog post), and you have to make sure that you stand out and get noticed for the right reasons. The best way to do this is to go the extra mile. Making time for your blog over other things is the first step towards that mile. Again, I'm not saying you need to make blogging your life and let it rule every second you have, but a little extra determination and work never hurt anyone!

I could go on and on about this topic, but I'll stop here for now. I would love to hear how you guys make the most of your free time when it comes to blogging. Leave comment down below sharing your number one tip! Thanks for stopping by!

XOXO, Rachele

April 24, 2016

Blogging Better: Planning Your Posts

Hey everyone!

Today is the first installment of my Blogging Better series and today  I''m talking about planning your blogging month. If you're the type of blogger who likes to post whenever a topic pops into your head, this might not be the for you. If your like me and like to plan ahead, then keep on reading.

- Make A Schedule: Be realistic with yourself about how often you can post on your blog. It doesn't matter if its two times a week or everyday, just be honest about how much time you're willing to put in. Once you know how many times a week you'll be posting, pick your days. I have posted everyday of the week and I honestly couldn't tell a difference in traffic, so pick what works for you. You can always add more days, or throw in a random post here or there, just get a general idea.

- Pick Your Topics: By now I'm sure you know what your blog is about. Whether you're a beauty, travel, fashion, or food blogger, you have topics that you like to write about. Make a list of all those topics and brainstorm ideas that go with that topic. If my topic was 'reviews', I would make a list of all the products that I want to review for that month. I also keep a list on my phone of blog post ideas, that way I can quickly jot one down when they pop in my head.

- Mapping Out Your Month: Now its time to set up your month. Take a look at your list of blog post ideas and pick the ones that excite you the most. Save the post ideas that don't make the cut this month for later, you never know when you can use them. (I already have ideas listed for September) I always try to space out my posts that are similar throughout the month. I don't want to post all of my reviews in a single week. People like diversity! (This rule is thrown out the window when doing a series, but thats another post)

That is a quick breakdown of how I go about planning my next month of blogging. I try to have my month scheduled at least two weeks in advance, a month ahead if I can. To recap what I do: pick the days you want to post and make a schedule you can stick to, pick the main topics you want to cover and make a list of post ideas, and map out when you want to post those topics.

I'm really excited to start this series and share my tips on blogging and being organized. If you have any topics that you'd like me to cover, leave them down below! I have tons of ideas to share with you guys over the next few months. Make sure to follow my blog or *Bloglovin* to stay up to date!

XOXO, Rachele

April 21, 2016

How Much Does My Face Cost?

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago I saw a video that BuzzFeed posted having guys guess how much certain makeup items cost. The comments on the video were almost as funny as the video itself! Girls were joking how all of their makeup secrets were being exposed, and guys were going to find out how much we spend on makeup. I've never felt the need to hide how much I spend on makeup with Michael (he just doesn't seem to ask...) but this video got me thinking, how much does my daily face cost? So I gathered all of my everyday makeup, tallied it all up, and here is the outcome.... Yikes!

Mac Studio Face & Body Foundation   $27
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer   $9
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer   $27
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer   $29
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish   $32
Nars Laguna Bronzer   $39
Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush   $28
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Soft & Gentle   $32
Mac Paint Pot in Painterly   $22
Morphe Single Shadows in Silk, Sweets, and Swine   $7
Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil   $3
Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black   $8
Maybelline Full & Soft Waterproof   $8
Maybelline Lash Discovery Waterproof   $8
Elf Eyebrow Kit   $3
Makeup Forever Mist & Fix   $30

If you're not keeping track that totals to $312! Now, this is a full face type of day, but its still crazy to see it all typed out and added together. I never really took the time to think about the price of everything once I was using it. Is this going to stop me from buying makeup? Heck no! Makeup is my hobby, passion, and hopefully one day part of my career. So as long as I don't hound Michael about how much he spends on music equipment, he can't get on me about all my makeup. Relationships are all about compromise, right? ;)

I'd love to see the total of your daily face! Leave a comment down below sharing your tally, or link to the post if you've already done this. Thanks so much for stopping by my by today! See you next time! 

XOXO, Rachele